View of the Chapel and Steeple beneath an awesome sky

View of the Chapel and Steeple beneath an awesome sky

Our Mission

Christ Church is a United Methodist congregation in the heart of St. Matthews in Louisville, Kentucky. We are a growing community of faith with a clear mission:

Becoming living proof of God's love, one person at a time.

We have a vision to heal divides as we:

  • Engage in Small Groups
  • Plant New Faith Communities
  • Bless Children

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Our Prayer for 2019

God of all, you have joined us to be one body at Christ Church and have given us a mission to fulfill. Bring us together in community around your mission, to partner with your Holy Spirit, and to share your love, one person at a time. Keep us working toward your vision for this community. Help us to heal divides as your Spirit focuses our minds on what binds us. Through our gifts, make each of us to be a blessing in your church, community and world. In the grace and mercy of our Lord we pray, Amen.

In pursuing our mission together, we have identified some key expectations for all of those on this journey with us. We believe that these environments help to foster both the attitudes and actions that consistently move us toward becoming living proof of God’s love, one person at a time

Worship—experiencing life-giving moments in God’s presence

Through passionate prayer, inspiring music, and considering God’s Word together, our hearts are refreshed and reoriented toward God each week.

Prepare—pursuing a deeper understanding of God’s love

In groups of 2 or more, we explore God’s Word, asking questions that challenge and change us, so we can live as God’s people in God’s world.

Serve—showing God’s love in practical ways

We use the abilities God has given us to share His love, taking tangible action to serve and care for those around us.

Bridge—bringing God’s love to others every day

We constantly look for opportunities to show God’s love to others in the normal activities of life.

If you are new to Christ Church, we hope that you will visit us soon! Click here for helpful information.