Missed Your Photography Opportunity?

If you missed your chance to have your photo taken for the church directory, there are two alternatives you can use if you would like have a photo included:

  • You may call Lifetouch at (866) 756-0281 to see if there is another photography session happening nearby that you can use. You will need to give them the Christ Church account number: 305380.
  • You may submit a photo in digital format (.jpg or .gif preferred) for inclusion in the directory; send these to mark@ccum.net. If this photo was taken by a professional photographer, you must include a signed Publication Authorization form, click here. If the photo was taken by Olan Mills, no authorization is required. Official military photographs taken by the government also do not require an authorization. 

The deadline for submittals has been extended until Sunday, June 10.

Note: If you are unable to obtain an authorization from the photographer, please include a note with your submission stating the reason why an authorization is not included. If you are submitting a professional photograph from a company that is no longer in business, please identify the company and the efforts you made to contact them.