Our Vision

We are on a mission of becoming living proof of God's love, one person at a time at Christ Church. To us, that means a vision of a community with no divides. This leads us to focus our greatest passion and energy on healing divides as we:

Engage in Small Groups

Becoming who God is calling you to be by experiencing the power and presence of Christ in a spiritually authentic small group.
Why? A transformed world depends on transformed disciples.

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Plant New Faith Communities

Supporting fresh ways to bring the light of God to new communities of people.
Why? We need to meet people where they are to share God’s love.

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Bless Children

Meeting the needs for food, shelter, education, hope and love for Louisville’s children and adolescents.
Why? We are a city divided geographically, socially, economically and racially and we can begin to heal those divides by meeting the basic needs of children.

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