The goal of the Engage in Small Groups vision is every person is either in a Small Group or preparing to be.

What is a small group?

A small group is one of the best places to grow in your faith. A small group is an intentional gathering with a few other people that allows you to explore the purpose and power of Christ in your life. Typically, a small group meets weekly for fellowship, study, prayer and reflection. 

Two Ways to Get Started

START WITH A NEW GROUP | Register below to engage in an 8-week startup small group launching the week of January 27.

Small Groups

START YOUR OWN SMALL GROUP | Do you have friends that are ready to help each other discover what the Holy Spirit is doing in your lives? It only takes a few other people that share the desire to help each other live more like Jesus Christ to start a small group. Contact Brandon Dirks to get started. No matter your age or life stage, we have a group for you. We can't wait for you to begin.

Interested in Learning to be a Small Group Facilitator?

With so many people interested in joining small groups, we need facilitators for our startup groups! We need you! If you have participated in any kind of small group, you are already qualified!  

Each small group has two facilitators who serve together. Trained facilitators communicate with group members, start and end group meetings on time, and follow the content provided. To get started, pick one of the training dates on January 9 or January 13 and we will help you get ready!  

Facilitator Training

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