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ADULT Ministry

— Becoming living proof of God's love.

All are welcome to be a part of our transformative Adult Ministry program. We have a wide variety of small groups, classes, studies, and more! You can participate in our online events even if you're not located in Louisville, Kentucky.  

A Turkey Trot: Collecting Much Needed Items for Open Door Ministry!- Food DROP off ONLY****
Our COVID-19 numbers have prevented us from gathering but NOT from sharing our love (and food) with our friends at Open Door Ministries! We will be at the church, this Sunday, Nov. 20, 9-2:00 pm to collect your food! It will be delivered on Monday morning to our friends who need it so badly!
What can you drop off? Here's the list! 
  • Jars of peanut butter
  • Individually packed fruit cups for the bags
  • Individually packed items for “desserts” such as pudding, Jello, bars, Little Debbie type snack cakes, etc. 
  • Cracker packs (like the cheese or peanut butter)
  • Crackers that come in 6-8 to a pack)
  • Cans of tuna for tuna salad
  • Crackers, cookies: Ritz, club, saltine, etc.
  • Bags of sugar or brown sugar
  • Mayonnaise
  • Jars or cans of pimentos (for when we make Pimento cheese sandwiches)
  • Cream of chicken or celery soup specifically
  • Dry Noodles, spaghetti, macaroni, rotini, etc.
  • Any canned vegetables with emphasis on Green beans, peas, or corn,  restaurant sized cans if possible
  • Pork ‘n beans


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Small Groups and Sunday School classes will be able to reserve space in the building during the week beginning in July. The use of the building on Sundays will be reserved to worship services.


Looking for a small group?

A small group is one of the best places to grow in your faith. This is intentional gathering with a few other people that allows you to explore the purpose and power of Christ in your life. Typically, a small group meets weekly for fellowship, study, prayer and reflection.  

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START YOUR OWN SMALL GROUP | It only takes a few people that share the desire to help prepare one another's hearts to become living proof of God's love to start a small group. Contact Shelah Woodruff at


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Lisa Watkins
Intergenerational Care Coordinator

office: 502-893-2201 x 245