Adult Ministry


— developing our faith through small groups

One of the ways we experience God's love for us is through each other, by walking through life together, sharing joys, sorrows and everything in between. In groups of two or more, we explore God's Word, asking questions that challenge and change us, so we can live as God's people, in God's world. We are preparing our hearts to live out our mission of becoming living proof of God's love, one person at a time.

Small Groups

SMALL GROUPS — A small group is one of the best places to grow in your faith. This is intentional gathering with a few other people
that allows you to explore the purpose and power of Christ in your life. Typically, a small group meets weekly for fellowship, study, prayer and reflection.  

START WITH A NEW GROUP | Register to engage in an 8-week startup small group. 

START YOUR OWN SMALL GROUP | It only takes a few people that share the desire to help prepare one another's hearts to become living proof of God's love to start a small group. Contact Brandon Dirks. 



All Prepare Opportunities

In addition to being involved in a small group, we encourage adults to engage in classes and studies that equip you with three crucial skills: recognizingnurturing and articulating God's love. We invite you to explore our wide variety of class and study opportunities. 


Senior Adult ministry

We believe that all Christians can and should be active and productive for their entire lives. We provide fellowship, fun, spiritual enrichment and personal growth for seniors. We offer bi-weekly luncheons and outings.


senior adult events

Adult Ministry Events


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Director of Adult Classes and Studies

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Administrative Assistant for Faith Formation and Finance

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