At A Standstill

    March 21, 2019 | Articles by Chip North

    As a lifelong United Methodist, I felt an immediate draw to the joyful energy of Christ Church among the congregations of Louisville, but like many folks our age, my wife and I were overcommitted outside of church and attended worship infrequently for some time.

    Our beliefs were strong, but our walk with Christ was at a standstill.

     In the summer of 2017, my wife was invited to join a women's small group, beginning a book study, and it proved to be transformative for both of us. I soon found that Katherine's renewed faith journey was spilling over into our daily lives, helping us to grow together as a newly married couple, and soon a young family who increasingly relied on Christ Church as the center of our spiritual universe. Later that year we became members of this congregation, choosing to become a committed part of this body that had offered us so much.

    That first leap my wife took brought us into something new and that led to meaningful relationships that continue to enrich us today. Since then we’ve had many more opportunities to deepen our faith as we strove to be disciples and make disciples. I too found a men's group that I looked forward to each week; and we helped to create a new take on Sunday school, the Open Group, with a small group component to give a space for anyone new to plug in.

    The personal one-on-one invitation to become a part of a small group is so vital and something the Christ Church does particularly well. It is important to both of us to now to extend that same welcome we were given, to folks that may be new or just looking to reconnect or renew. As I reflect back on the last few years, it is impossible to ignore God's hand at work in finding our church home, as he enables us to do His work and continues to bless us as we grow together in faith and love.

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