Discovering Youth Choir

    March 28, 2019 | Articles by Kenzie Turner

    McKenzie Turner was getting curious about what kept her boyfriend busy each Sunday evening. Whenever she suggested a movie or dinner, his schedule was already full. Finally, she asked what he was up to each week and learned that he had been attending One Voice high school choir rehearsal. He invited her to go along that evening. “Well, I can’t sing,” she said. “They’ll take anybody,” he replied.

    Kenzie Turner is a senior at South Oldham High School and before her introduction to One Voice, she had very little experience with or exposure to church. One rehearsal with the choir was a small step drawing her closer into the family of Christ Church. The members and leadership of One Voice welcomed her in and made her part of the group. Soon she was serving on the youth-led advisory committee for the choir. “I love One Voice Choir. It’s so much fun. Whenever I go I feel like I can sing. No matter who is singing or what instrument is being played, I really like it. You feel the history of these pieces of music we sing. All the people throughout the years who have listened or sung that same hymn…I feel like we’re all together in Christ,” she said.

    After being a part of One Voice for a while, Kenzie started attending Youth on Sunday morning and eventually was drawn to Youth Group on Sunday evening. They meet together weekly to study, pray and encourage one another. “This is my first time reading the Bible consistently, daily. We are reading through the book of Matthew and it opened my eyes to things that I didn’t know about.” Kenzie calls it a special group that blesses her weekly.

     “I think that Christ Church blesses people because no matter what is in your past, they are focused on where you are at the moment and focused on brightening your future. The people are inviting. This is a place where you can really be yourself.”

    One simple invitation to one normal rehearsal was all it took. Kenzie was blessed by being a part of a church that invested in her, and in return she has become a blessing to the choir, to her community group, and to Christ Church. Now, we can send her off to Western Kentucky University in the fall knowing she will be a blessing and encouragement to her friends and community there.


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