Feeling Connected

    March 21, 2019 | Articles by Katie Sanderson

    Growing-up in a small town in Western Kentucky, my parents had us in church every time the doors were open. Basically, every day of the week. In all the dinners, lock-ins, Sunday school classes and vacation bible schools, I learned a sense of comfort that came with being in church so much.

     Now all grown up with my own family, we joined Christ Church and I could not imagine that I would ever find a sense of belonging in a church this size. I desperately wanted my family to feel the way I had growing-up. There seemed to be dozens of ways to plug my daughter and husband in, but I was feeling like I might not have the sense of security and ownership that I’d had as a child.

     My fear would not last long. In the Summer of 2016, Christ Church launched a summer long, women’s Bible Study based on Present Over Perfect. Instantly, I was surrounded by women in my church seeking out the same connection I was. After an amazing summer, I found myself with a network of women all looking to establish small groups focusing on topics germane to my life and my faith.

     Small groups offer so much to my faith formation life. As I navigate this world as a busy woman trying to fulfill many roles, small groups provide a space for me to grow in my faith. Each season, I am provided with skilled, Godly women leaders that have a passion for the material and the Lord. The material is current, specific and more than accommodating to my schedule. On a weekly basis, I look forward to meeting with a group of women who are not only experiencing much of the same things I am, but are also seeking the same things.

    Small group has provided me a space to expand, strengthen and pursue my faith in a space that is completely free of judgment or politics.

    Moreover, small groups create an accountability I need; accountability to my group, to my God and to myself. As I strive to become deeper rooted in my faith, I am supported by women who understand that and accept me for what I am and where I am.

     My fears about being connected in a church of this size were completely unfounded. I have been able to drill down and connect with a group of 12 that enrich my life on every level. We can worship big, but we can also grow small. For three years, I have been blessed to encounter some of this church’s most amazing women. I have made friends, cultivated relationships and been witness to tremendous growth in the faith of my peers. Small groups and CCUM have been a complete blessing to my life.

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