From Children's Ministry to Youth

    March 26, 2019 | Articles by Drew Blosser

    This is my first experience in Youth Group. I had been in the Children's Ministry before and I really liked how that was done. I wasn't sure what to expect from Youth Ministry. Before I started I thought it was going to be a harsh Bible study, or a boring classroom setting with maybe some team building exercises, that I figured I would hate.

    The first time I went it was intimidating. I noticed that everyone was wearing t-shirts. The Youth Director was someone who could talk to young people and relate. I knew from that moment that it probably wasn’t going to be a harsh classroom type thing. I was happy that they were going to do the same thing that were used to in the 5th grade in the Children's Ministry, it made moving up a lot easier. 

    I was familiar with the teaching process and I liked it. It’s not really so much as teaching, it’s more of you figure out what you want to know. They teach us how to research and learn from the Bible as we discuss things together.

     So we took the story of Exodus, they gave us guidelines to answer some questions with our adult leader in our group. The group would ask the leaders questions and they helped us organize our thoughts. We used Bible, dictionaries, phones. We were figuring it out together. Then Chris called us back and our group shared some of our answers.

     My favorite memory so far in the youth group was a play that we put on, I don’t usually like plays but this was fun to do. Everyone was eager to do it. It wasn’t a thing we had to do, it was more of what we got to do. We put on a play for the younger kids, Children’s Ministry to teach them about Moses and the Exodus.

    I feel excited to go to youth group. I know that everyone is going to be engaged. Everyone gets to answer questions or ask questions. We get to catch up with friends. There’s always a chance to talk. I don’t have to worry about doing any homework or doing more. Everyone is welcome and everyone’s voice is welcome.

     Most of the people that go to my school are atheist and they sometimes make fun of Christians. It’s a shock to be in school with people who are mean and insulting for reasons they think Christians are about.

     I met a friend a friend who said that Catholicism isn’t part of Christianity, it’s hard to talk to people there because they are always getting the wrong ideas about Christians. I try and talk and set things straight when I can.

    People here believe that kids are able to do the work. They allow us to choose what we learn about. They listen to our interests and allow us to lead. There is leadership guidance that allows us to ask our own questions. No question is off limits. We read texts and discuss. We connect what we read in the Bible with what is happening in the world right now.

     I went to a camp with the youth group that taught me how to love people even when they don’t love you. I feel like I don’t really love people well unless I can trust them. It was all about figuring out ways to love people who are different from you or who are mean to you. We can still be kind to them. It was the only youth trip I went on, but I’m about to go to the spring retreat. I’m excited to see what this is going to be about.

    I would say that our youth ministers are great at hooking us up with friends and connecting us in groups. I recommend small groups because they allow you to talk with fewer people and communicate your feelings. You make closer connections.

     We do fun events as well. We play dodgeball or other physical activities and snacks… they always have a way for us to engage in these opportunities. But it’s not all about the events, it’s about connecting with our group and learning together. The fun reinforces teamwork and forging connection between us. And also just getting out some of the jitters that we may have- which is also very important.



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