Generations Connecting Through Music

    March 31, 2020 | Articles

    Andrew is a 14-year-old young man that is wise and gifted beyond his years. During this time of isolation and fear, Andrew has had his 100-year-old great-grandmother on his mind and knows how board she has become over the last few days. Andrew heard about Christ Church members who were in the high-risk category for COVID-19 and had been confined to their homes. They, too, were bored, just like his great-grandmother. Andrew was asked if he would consider recording a song with his clarinet that could be sent to them via email in the hopes that it would help them feel connected and loved. Andrew, without hesitation, answered, “Yes!” 

    Andrew chose the song O Come, O Come Emmanuel. He chose it not only because it is his favorite song but one that he loves to play as well. “If they want music, that's something I can do”, said Andrew. God does something special with the gifts that someone offers to help and inspire God’s people. Andrew's song became a source of witness and love to those who received it. Those like Hope Hatteberg who said, “Drew is very talented and I appreciate you sending me this inspiration.  Life is different now but when I think of all the people I have around and the gift of technology, I cannot complain of having to be restricted to the walls of my home.  I think about Anne Frank and the thousands of people who only had 900+ square feet and shared it with so many others along with the fear they lived in just because of their nationality.  We are blessed to have each other and to see and/or hear the younger generation shedding positive light on difficult situations. Thank you, Drew for sharing your gift and love of music that God so graciously gave to you!  It is a gift that spreads around the world into so many different languages.”  

    And there were so many others like Debbie Holladay who remarked, “That was so restful and calming and beautiful. I see Emmanuel daily in the ways people are helping each other in these days. Thank you for sending it.” Andrew made a difference in the lives of hundreds of people by simply doing what he loves to do. His music is a gift that has been blessed and multiplied and used to exalt God. Andrew is busy preparing two more pieces to bring joy and peace to a hurting world. And so are some of his friends!

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