Growing and Serving at CCS

    March 06, 2019 | Articles | Christ Church School by Kristie Goodwin

    I have two children who attended CCS, Todd and Sallie (now in 4th and 2nd grades at Walden School). Christ Church is also our church home, so while they were in preschool it seemed very much like our second home. I served on the Parent Ministry Team and the Advisory Board, and the kids and I made a lot of friends at CCS that continue to be our friends even though our kids have gone to different schools in town.

     I still recommend Christ Church School to families that are looking for preschools. The teachers are patient and kind and my kids were well prepared for elementary school. Lesa Long, who was Todd's teacher when he was 1, was like Todd's second mom--a comfort for a new mom leaving her son at school for the first time. Sallie, always friendly and outgoing, learned very quickly where Colleen stashed her candy!

    Those early school days were so easy for me because I knew I was leaving my kids in a loving, Christian environment full of people who cared about them. As older students, they learned a lot--Sallie came home from her 3-yr-old class writing alphabet letters, and I was amazed how quickly she learned them in class without any help from me at home. Todd loved learning to read in Junior Kindergarten with Mrs. Speck. She used the Phonics Dance to teach the kids their letter sounds and Todd could sound out any word even if he didn't know it! As a parent I experienced the success of the teachers through the education my children received, but as a member of the Advisory Board I was also able to see behind the scenes that Colleen is focused on keeping CCS on par with current educational standards. 

     The Christmas and Spring programs were very special to our family and are one of the things we still miss the most about the school. I think one of my favorite memories is of Todd ho-ho-hoing as Santa during a song in the Christmas performance. What a special time to sit back, relax and celebrate the season!

    CCS strives to encourage Christian spirituality in children.

    In addition to monthly chapel time, the kids have a daily sacred circle time that allows them to find a time of peace and relationship with God. I have heard so many stories about kids bringing this home to share with their families who may or may not have church homes of their own. The sacred circle time is also a part of the preschool Sunday School hour at the church and gives CCS kids that visit the church something they know and have seen before. New this year was an evening family sacred circle time that gave parents a chance to worship together with their children. The church and school really go hand-in-hand to welcome families with young children to the church.

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