How Christ Church Does Ministry

    March 25, 2019 | Articles by Michael Allen

    First, I have been lucky enough to be involved with our Confirmation program within the Youth Ministry. In our confirmation class for 8th graders last night, we were reflecting on what makes confirmation different from other groups. The group volunteered the following answer, “This is a safe space where it is okay to ask questions.” That was not what the leaders told them to say, that was THEIR answer.

    I am so honored that Christ Church makes it a priority to let each kid know that they are a blessing, that they are safe and most importantly that they are loved by God and by the people of Christ Church. To some, this is nothing special, but to others it is everything. At the start of every class we listen to how each other's week has been. We laugh together, we grieve together, we pray together and together we struggle to better hear and follow God's call to us. That is how Christ Church does Youth Ministry.

     Second, my oldest just turned four years old. He loves Sunday School and Psalm Kids. A few months ago he learned about the Good Samaritan. The teachers made a pouch from a thick sheet of paper folded in half with a string to go around your shoulder. They filled the pouch with band aids and he colored it as he learned the story. For a solid month after that class, my son would get this pouch, ask me or my wife if we were hurt, tell us to say yes, and then make us lay down so he could help us. It was his favorite game.

     He loved playing the Good Samaritan, even if he struggled mightily to pronounce it correctly. He is so excited to tell us the Bible stories he learns every Sunday and sing the songs he learns every Wednesday night. Last night at bedtime he said "Thank you God for my birthday, I pray all this in God's name, Amen." I didn't teach him that.

    That is how Christ Church does Children's Ministry.

     Finally, my youngest is 15 months old. He just started walking. Even at this young age, you can tell where he feels at home. The teachers are always happy to welcome him, so patient, competent and caring. They know how to show God's love to a toddler. Last night I dropped him off at Psalm Kids and I set him down in front of me. Normally he gets scared and turns around to hold on to my leg. Instead, he walked to the teacher and hugged her leg. That is how Christ Church does Children's Ministry.

     I love Christ Church, and the Children's Ministry. It is one thing for a church to say they want to bless children. It is quite another when the children themselves show how they have been blessed.

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