No More Tearful Goodbyes

    March 06, 2019 | Articles | Christ Church School by Aynsley Holzen

    I love the feeling of finding the perfect fit! Whether it’s the perfect outfit, finding a friend that just gets you, falling in love with the one, or the feeling your heart has when it opens up bigger than you ever knew with the birth of a child. There are many times in life when it just feels right and you know you’ve made a good decision.

    Finding Christ Church School has definitely been one of those times for us. My husband and I have three children. We both work and knew we needed to find the best place for our children to go to, and entrusting your child in a stranger’s care is a very nerve-wracking feeling. Our first experience with childcare wasn’t as fulfilling as we hoped it would be and after a year, we made the decision to make a change.

    During this time a friend of mine had invited me to a Bible study at Christ Church. I was nervous to attend because our family is Catholic. Was it okay if I went to a Bible study since I didn’t go there and I was a different religion?  It’s funny to worry over something like that because God doesn’t care where we worship Him. He just wants our hearts seeking Him no matter where we are. The women in my study welcomed me with open arms. In fact, I felt more fulfilled with this group of ladies and that I was more earnestly seeking God in that initial formation then I had ever felt before. After developing a comfort level with Christ Church and having learned more about the preschool and hearing other parents’ experiences, we decided to give Christ Church School a try for our children’s care. On the first day, I knew in my heart of hearts we made the right decision.

    Our eyes were opened to how wonderful a preschool setting could be.

    The warmth, the friendliness, the high standards for care and for learning were paramount. We didn’t know how amazing it could be until our first child started attending there. No more tearful goodbyes, mind you, we all have our mornings… but our child was comfortable there. It wasn’t just a place to wait for mommy and daddy to come and pick him up, it was a place that he felt safe, and comfortable while learning, making friends, and having a blast. It has been a given that our next two children would go there and they too have had the greatest experiences. Collectively, in the last 4 years, our children have had most of the teachers at the school. The care and attention in hiring teachers for the school is evident. Every single teacher has been amazing and it is obvious that they love our children. And we love them!

    When a position opened to be on the Christ Church School board, I decided to apply.  I wanted and needed to be a part of their mission and future development. In a way, it is my way of saying thank you for all the blessings the school has given me and husband as well as our children.

    I have continued to attend and now facilitate a Bible study group that the church offers.  And in addition to this study, it has turned into another great opportunity to facilitate a Bible study for the parents of Christ Church School.

    It has been a blessing to have all of these experiences.  I know I’m going to cry a big ugly cry when our last child is done going to preschool there.  Meanwhile, I have been spreading the word to other families about our experience here so that they too can have their eyes opened as to how good it can be.

    Christ Church School is the perfect fit for us.  We are blessed we found “the one” and are reassured daily that we made the right decision.

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