Out Of My Comfort Zone

    March 21, 2019 by Brooke Bloch

    Even after I had married my husband and joined the church, I still did not feel that connected to it. My husband grew up in Louisville and attending Christ Church, and I grew up in Florida.

    I remember praying about Louisville feeling like home to me and about finding ways to get involved and meet new people. Right about that time, I received a Facebook message from Allyson Smith about joining the women’s small groups that were about to start.

     As uncomfortable as it made me to show up on that first night not knowing anyone, I knew that this was an answer to my prayers.

    So I showed up that first night, met some amazing women, and have remained involved in small groups ever since. In addition to small groups, my husband and I have also been able to get involved in the Young Professionals Class and Habitat for Humanity.

     Getting involved in the church has allowed us to meet new people, to deepen our relationship with God, and to give back to the community through service. This church has been a blessing to me in my quest to make Louisville my home. If you are looking to get more involved or just trying out church for the first time, I encourage you to show up that first day no matter how out of your comfort zone you are, and give it a chance. Christ church just might be your home too.

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