Pioneer Class donates over 5,000 items to Red Bird Mission

    May 18, 2021 | Stories | News

    Red Bird Mission Donation

    Over 5,000 items were donated to the mission group on May 7, 2021. Click on a photo to enlarge.

    Thousands of items were donated to Red Bird Mission on Friday, May 7, 2021. The Pioneer Sunday School class collected the items and representatives from the class drove 200 miles to Eastern Kentucky to deliver the supplies. During the pandemic, many of those living in Appalachia have especially struggled with the cost of groceries and gas. Donations like this provide some of the basic needs for families on a monthly basis. The director of Community Outreach for Red Bird Missions shared a thankful email to the Pioneer Class. She writes:

           "As we were unloading the van we immediately moved many of the items up front because we were completely out of the items. I pray this meaningful partnership continues, you are the hands of feet of Jesus Christ here in this impoverished community. I am so touched by the logistics that is required to make this size of a donation possible, thank you Gwyn (Morton) and John (Morton) for the long hours of shopping, driving and the communication between us to make sure the most needed items are collected."

    Red Bird has been serving the people in the Appalachia since 1921. Many people in that area are struck with poverty, lack of jobs, poor housing and find difficulties with the mountain terrain.  

    The Developmental Director for Red Bird Mission said the donation was, "Overwhelming. Awesome. Heartening. Generosity. Loving. Life-saving."

    Below is a list of items donated to the mission group. 

    400 100% apple juice (64 oz.)

    200 individual juice boxes

    408 large cans chicken breast

    258 cans tuna; 12 foil pouch tuna; 1 salmon

    110 canned hams, 16 oz.

    161 beef stew

    710 cans soup; 12 chili

    79 boxes Saltine crackers

    264 peanut butter

    158 jelly

    235 jars pasta sauce

    260 boxes pasta (1 lb. each)

    243 instant potatoes

    20 instant rice

    66 meal helpers

    184 quarts boxed milk

    24 canned milk

    12 coffee (perk)

    100 pounds dried beans

    102 large 46 oz. jars applesauce

    152 29 oz. peaches

    24 fruit cocktail

    100 pure pumpkin

    101 large cans yams

    60 carrots (+ 1 gallon can carrots)

    96 peas

    18 peas/carrots

    13 greens

    8 green beans

    4 corn

    95 bags sugar (4 lb. each)

    120 boxes Quaker instant oatmeal packets

    2 oatmeal canisters

    9 granola cereal

    5 5 cases granola bars, 60 each (300 bars)

    10 boxes granola bars, 6 pks. each

    10 Pop Tarts, 8 pks. each

    5 Family packs fruit snacks, 40 each

    10 Fruit snacks, 10 packs each

    15 Kelloggs Variety Snack Packs, 20 packs each

    15 jars animal crackers, 30 oz. each

    50 boxes candy canes, 12 each

    15 packets gravy mix

    18 cake mixes

    4 Wesson Oil

    118 toothpaste

    87 jars baby food

    33 8 pack fruit pouches (baby food)

    2 12 pack baby teething wafers

    2 bags diapers

    46 packs baby wipes

    22 large packs disinfectant wipes

    50 hand sanitizers (4 oz.) each

    300+"Upper Room" devotion books

    This is the 10th year for the Red Bird Mission project. There will be an all-church collection for Red Bird in June. 


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