Raising My Family In Music

    March 28, 2019 | Articles by Lisa Watkins

    The Music Ministry at Christ Church has been a huge part of our entire family’s life for many years. Both my husband and I are in the Chancel Choir and we raised all three of our girls in the church. All the girls were interested in music as well, so the Music Ministry became a place where we could all enjoy the gift of music as a family.

    When our girls were growing up, people would ask us if we sang all the time at home, and there are those who have called us the “Von Watkins Family Singers.” I guess you could say that music is an important part of our lives. So being part of a church that values music for all ages made this a fabulous place for us to raise a family.

    Our three girls were all part of PSALM Kids, Laudate and One Voice, and all rang handbells as early as they were allowed.

    The Music Ministry has provided an amazing community for all of us. All of us have lifelong friends from our experiences, some of which date back to when Wade was in high school!

    Singing has helped us write the soundtrack of our lives, full of inspirational scripture that we can draw from in the midst of each day.


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