Soul Care

    March 28, 2019 | Articles by Kathy Kicklighter

    My first interaction with Christ Church was attending a dear friend's son's funeral. Michael Bolden had been my sons' Choral Teacher in High School and I had helped with several musicals with him. 

     When we attended Gregory's funeral, I heard the Chancel choir for the first time. They were in the balcony and the sound was ethereal. Their soothing notes came over me and I was overwhelmed. I was also so touched by how much this church family loved these hurting friends of mine. After going through a tough divorce, I had just been sporadically attending a Catholic Church in my neighborhood--I needed time to heal and no one knew me there--no one knew that I could play or sing and I really feel like this was where I needed to be. 

    I'll never forget Michael telling me, "When you get finished sitting on that back pew, you need to come on over and sing with us!" That took about six more months and then I started checking out Christ Church.  Every time I went, I was ministered to by the service. I met the Director of Music after one of the services and started getting pulled into the ministry. 

     In August of 2002, I decided to just 'try out' a choir rehearsal...and I don't think I missed many rehearsals after that. I was so impressed with how well the choir was run--so much so that I would go back to my business partner on Thursday mornings to debrief about how to take how choir rehearsals were run and morph it to my business world. The first and most important---they knew how to make you feel that they cared for you. You were an important part of this body. You were an important part of the whole.

    All worked together to create music that was used to bring us closer to our Creator. 

    The efficiency and strive for excellence really impressed me. The friendships that I have formed from this group of people are some of the best relationships of my life.

     It even extends beyond the geography of Louisville, since over the past 18 years, many have relocated and yet, we still have a bond that keeps us together. Singing in the Christmas Concerts transcend ANY music that I have ever had the privilege to create and the worship that comes from music is a huge part of my Christian walk. 

     One of my favorite memories of this Choir Body came after a particularly tough time in my life. During an intense personal time, two of my choir buddies asked me to go to dinner one night.  I showed up at the restaurant and we were eating when all of a sudden, I heard a violinist playing. She came over to our table and just serenaded us. My choir buddy said, "This is my daughter and I've arranged for her to play for us tonight."  Tears immediately came to my eyes since this friend was so aware that I really just needed a night with friends and an incredible private concert to help heal the overwhelming pain of the events of my life. This epitomizes why I love choir. Yes, the music is so enjoyable. The mid-week rehearsals give me the lift I need to keep on keeping on. But the friendships? The care for each other? The spiritual nuggets that the Dan's have given me over the years? The love for each other and constant feeling of having a Red Army in your corner? That's what makes me keep coming back. It truly is the Body of Christ.


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