Watching Our Children Grow

    March 06, 2019 | Articles | Christ Church School by Sarah Azevedo

    Our family’s experience with Christ Church School began when our son Walker started in the Two-Year Old class. This was the first time Walker had been in a formal classroom setting with a teacher and other children so we were concerned about him being able to make a smooth transition.

    Our hearts were at ease seeing the excitement his teachers expressed when he would arrive each morning and the enthusiasm he showed when the classroom door opened.

    Our daughter Kirby began her experience at Christ Church School last year in the Infant class. She is now in the Explorers class and each morning, leads us down the hall to her classroom, opens the door, and runs to give her teachers a hug, all while smiling, waving, and telling us goodbye.

    Last year around Christmas, Mrs. Pittman shared with parents The Beginner’s Bible, a children’s Bible the teacher’s use at school. We purchased this book as a Christmas present for Walker that year. As any vivacious 4-year-old would do, Walker excitedly tore through presents from his wish list, quickly pushing one to the side to get to the next, however when he opened the Bible, he stopped, laid on his belly and began flipping through the pages to point out his favorite Bible stories. As parents, what a fulfilling moment that was.

    To see our children learn and grow academically and spiritually has allowed our family to deeply appreciate the community we live in, the church family we are a part of and a school that we love! 


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