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Since 1957 Christ Church School has been dedicated to welcoming, loving, teaching and inspiring every child that comes through our doors. We have always believed that every child, at every stage of development, is a blessing.

Founded as an outreach of Christ Church United Methodist, our teachers and staff are passionate about not only educating children, but of shepherding every child's heart and walking alongside families on the journey. 

What makes our school unique? We believe that children are spiritual beings, created by God to experience His love in deep relationship with Him. It is through that love that our children come to know and understand that God has created them for a purpose and has uniquely gifted them.

Using the God Centered Model for Spiritual Transformation, we begin each morning in Sacred Circle Time. This is a unique time for every child, infancy to Kindergarten, to hear the Word of God, share, pray together and receive an individual blessing from their teacher or fellow students. It is our goal that during our brief but important time in your child’s life, the stage will be set for a lifetime love of learning built on spiritual transformation.

Our classrooms have an intentionally low, student-teacher ratio. We want each child to receive personal attention and we also want to get to know our children and their families. We follow the Kentucky Early Childhood Standards and offer a rich curriculum that develops children mind, body and spirit. Gym, Music, iPad Technology, our special Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum and Chapel are just some of the many wonderful aspects that make our school unique.


Flexible School Hours

Early Bird Program: 7:30 to 8:50 am

  • The Early Bird Program is offered on a daily basis for all ages. Tuition rates differ for 7:30 or 8:10 am. Early Bird is available on a drop-in basis or on a regularly scheduled contractual basis.

Core Program: 8:50 am to 12 pm

Kindergarten: 8:50 am to 2 pm

Lunch Bunch: 12 to 2 pm

Extended Learning Program: 12 to 5 pm, 2 to 5 pm

  • Our Lunch Bunch and Extended Learning Programs are flexible to meet parent schedules. Once your child is registered for the Core Program, you can choose how many days a week you want to add Lunch Bunch from 12-2 pm and/or Extended Learning from 12-5 pm.
  • Due to teacher contracts being offered in May for the entire school year, families will need to register for these flexible options at the time of registration to assist with staff planning. If additional space is available in a class, you may add days or use the "drop-in" availability.
  • Non-scheduled drop-in hours and fees are 12-2pm ($20); 12-5 pm ($35); 2-5 pm ($30).
Tuition and Fee Information

We look forward to seeing your child for the next school year.


Registration forms are completed and returned to the school office.

  • A non-refundable application fee of $200 must accompany the completed registration form (registration fees waived for Christ Church members).
  • Download Registration Packet
  • Download Parent Handbook
School Calendar

We follow a traditional school year calendar (mid-August through May). 

  • First day of school has been moved to August 24. 
  • Please note on the calendar that we will no longer have the Christmas Program in December but will instead use this day as a full school day.
  • For Parent Orientation, we will be sending links to YouTube videos from the Administration and from your classroom Teachers.
  • For Student Visits, we will schedule Zoom calls for your family.

updated 2020-21 calendar

Apply for a Job
We are currently hiring! 

Position Title: Assistant Teachers and Substitute Teacher

Both positions require the ability to work until 5 pm. If interested complete the job application and send to .

Position Title:  Assistant Teacher, Christ Church School

Summary of the position and its contribution to ministry: The Assistant Teacher is responsible for assisting the Lead Teacher in managing the classroom environment at Christ Church School, which teaches and inspires over 200 children ages six weeks through Kindergarten. He or she will promote a loving, nurturing and inclusive Christian community through daily interactions with staff and families while teaching lessons that meet the children’s academic, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

The core responsibilities of the position and the areas in which success will primarily be evaluated are: 

  1. Assist with developmentally appropriate lessons in daily classes.
  2. Create a comfortable and secure environment by setting clear limits, establishing routines and structure as well as addressing any behavior issues that arise.
  3. Collaborate with the Lead Teacher to define assistant’s roles and expectations in the classroom.
  4. Assume the duties of the Lead Teacher in the absence of the Lead.
  5. Model and encourage positive social skills.
  6. Participate in staff training and development to create a staff community.
  7. Complete the state required professional development hours and Growth Plan.
  8. Maintain professional conduct, appearance and attitude.

The following attributes and qualifications are necessary for this role:

  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Demonstrates an understanding of child development in the teaching process
  • Knowledge of a variety of effective teaching practices
  • Ability to recognize individual student differences and make needed accommodations
  • Effective time management and organizational skills
  • Excellent communication skills to relate to coworkers and parents.

Primary Supervisor: Head of School, Christ Church School

Position Details: Full time position with benefits or part time position. School operating hours are 7:30 am – 5:30 pm

Education, Experience and Training:

  1. Holds a degree in education/closely related field or
  2. Minimum of five years experience in early childhood or
  3. Such alternatives as the Head of School deems appropriate


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