Fall 2019 Adult Studies & Classes


Wednesdays, beginning August 28
6 – 7:30 pm | Room 251
Disciple Fast Track was developed specifically for busy people who want to fit an in-depth Bible Study into their schedule. Join Tom Badgett and Tom Goodwin for a 12-week study of the Old Testament in the fall, followed by the New Testament starting in January. Participants will read a manageable selection of the Biblical text in preparation for the weekly meetings. One’s commitment to this class exemplifies the discipline and intentionality of a growing and committed Christian – one that carves out time for daily Bible study, Bible reflection, application of scripture, and a covenant commitment with a small group.

Wednesdays, beginning September 18
6 – 7:30 pm | Room 260
Like children that need nourishment, love, support, discipline and training in order to develop to their full potential, all of us need this same kind of nurturing to grow in our Christian faith. Have you ever considered practices such as fasting, simplicity, service and celebration as ways to grow closer to God? During this ongoing group, leader Nelson Knight will introduce you to a variety of historic and contemporary spiritual growth practices, as well as give you an opportunity to try them out with others in a safe and supportive environment.

Sundays, September 22 — November 17
5 -7:30 pm | Room 260
This 8-week small-group experience invites us to explore contemporary social issues through the lens of our Christian faith. The particular focus will be on poverty and the Gospel call to care for the poor. Through prayer, thought-provoking dialogue, relationship building and an immersion experience, we will learn how to live more compassionately in the world.


Sundays, beginning September 15
5 – 6:30 pm | Prayer Room
Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster explores the central spiritual practices of the Christian faith and how they can become part of our daily activities. These disciplines include: 1) Inward practices such as prayer, meditation, fasting and study that lead to personal examination and change; 2) Outward disciplines of simplicity, solitude and service that help prepare us to make the world a better place; 3) Corporate disciplines such as worship, confession and celebration that bring us nearer to one another and to God. Join Nelson Knight and others as we read and begin to practice these disciplines.

Sundays, September 8—29
6:30 – 7:30 pm | Room 251
Come and meet other parents and explore how we can help our children and teens become the people God called them to be. The study will be led by Rev. Dr. Leanne Hadley. Find the support, fun and laughter you need as you navigate parenting!

Tuesdays, September 10 — November 5
6 – 8 pm | Room 260
We all need a plan for our money. In Financial Peace, Dave Ramsey offers biblical and practical steps to get you from where you are to where you’ve dreamed you could be. Join Janet Carmichael and Troy Davis for this 9 session experience that is designed to show you how to get rid of debt, manage your money, spend and save wisely and be able to give generously.

Mondays, September 9 — October 28
9:45 – 11 am | Room 156
Inspired, by Rachel Held Evans invites readers on a journey of rediscovery as she creatively retells our favorite Bible stories, explains their contexts and possible interpretations and then connects these ancient stories to our present-day ones. For all of us who sometimes struggle with Biblical interpretation, Evans’ writings can help us discover a way of understanding scripture that avoids noncommittal liberalism on one hand and strident literalism on the other. Join Jennie Weeks for this book discussion which we hope will help you fall in love with Scripture all over again, without checking your intellect—or your imaginations—at the door.

Sundays, September 15 — 29
10:05 - 11 am | Room 388
Who was John Wesley and why is he still relevant today? What’s so amazing about the theology of grace? What can we learn from our history? Join Corey Miller, a member of Christ Church and ordained United Methodist minister, for this class on what it means to be United Methodist. Each of the three sessions is a stand-alone session so drop-ins are welcome. The series will cover various topics that are geared to help us understand the unique and distinct emphases that shape and define who we are as a denomination.

Wednesdays, October 23 — November 6
6 – 7:30 pm |Room 252
In this class led by Mark Coile, participants will enter a three-week journey into discovering your unique strengths. The Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment was developed after more than three decades of research. Out of the 34 most common talents (or strengths), the assessment identifies your top 5 strengths and helps inform your unique calling as a child of God! We will use the book Living Your Strengths by Albert L. Winseman to apply Christian principles and understanding to the StrengthsFinder assessment.