About Children's Ministry 


What Makes Us Different?

Spiritual Transformation

Our Children's Ministry is unique. Open to children ages infancy through 5th grade, this is more than childcare. We believe that children are spiritual beings, created by God to experience His love in deep relationship with Him. Even the youngest children can and do experience God. 

The God Centered Model for Spiritual Transformation is a unique model we use with our children. It gives each child the opportunity to encounter God's Living Word, the Bible, and then allows space for that experience to bring them into the very presence and heart of God. 

Through activities such as Sacred Circle Time, Holy Listening and Blessing, our children are not only taught Truths from the Bible, these Truths are brought to life in their hearts. They are given space to process the story through play. They are taught to meditate on God's Word and listen for how God is speaking to them. Our trained Holy Listeners, give each child a chance to be heard as they share what God is putting on their heart. 

Spiritual Milestones

Watching Our Children Grow

We are committed to walking alongside our children and their families from infancy to adulthood. Each of these milestones involves a special ceremony and a parenting component. In this way, we recognize our children's growing faith and help parents to lead their children spiritually throughout their development. 


Kindergarten Worship

3rd Grade Bibles

Transition to 6th Grade

8th Grade Confirmation

Senior Blessing