Join your Christ Church sisters on a year-long journey toward wellness and wholeness. Every two months, we’ll consider an important dimension of our lives and offer practical steps to help us move in the right direction: closer to good health and closer to God.

January + February ● PHYSICAL
  • Adding more movement
  • Making wise food choices 
  • Taking care of our health on a daily basis

Your January/February Women's Journey: PHYSICAL WELLNESS


March + April ● SPIRITUAL
  • Preparing for Lent and Easter
  • Going deeper with God
  • Learning the power of confession and prayer

Your March/April Women's Journey: SPIRITUAL WELLNESS


May + June ● EMOTIONAL
  • Becoming more honest about our feelings
  • Tending our hearts with loving kindness
  • Creating healthy boundaries

July + August ● SOCIAL
  • Reaching beyond ourselves
  • Seeking new friendships
  • Going out (when we’d rather stay in)


September + October ● INTELLECTUAL
  • Exploring new areas of interest
  • Feeding our minds with good food
  • Flexing our creative muscles


November + December ● VOCATIONAL
  • Looking at our natural and spiritual gifts
  • Listening to what God is calling us to do
  • Using our gifts to serve and glorify God


Women’s Wellness Morning 

Women’s Wellness Morning: EMOTIONAL WELLNESS
June 11 | Saturday 10:30am – 12noon | Youth Center

Join us for another fast-paced 90 minutes! Our Women’s Ministry Team and invited guests will provide some much-needed encouragement, as together we explore the many facets of Emotional Wellness and enjoy delicious, healthy snacks. This event is open to all women 18+ and it’s FREE!

Our morning will include:

  • Elevating Your Mood with Jenny Fishback, a REFIT and REV+FLOW instructor, leading us in safe and simple movements any woman at any fitness level can do.
  • A Walk through Mary's Many Emotions with Bekki Livingston, Director of Women’s Ministry, demonstrating the timeless range of emotions women experience.
  • Emotional Wellness for Women with our pastoral counselor, Jane Myers, LCSW, LMFT, offering wisdom and direction for women of all ages.
  • An Exercise in Honesty, created by Shelah Woodruff and Liz Curtis Higgs, giving us an opportunity to express our emotions in a meaningful and creative way.

The first 50 women who sign up are guaranteed a spot. Please register HERE!



What to look for in the months ahead


For Your Journey email newsletters and For Your Journey cards with:

  • Key verses from Scripture to write on your heart
  • Encouraging words from your Women’s Ministry Team
  • Recommended reading, online and in print
  • Useful, practical tips for optimal wellbeing


Women’s Wellness Mornings

Six Saturdays in February, April, June, August, October, and December




It’s going to be a life-changing year, sisters!