Join your Christ Church sisters on a year-long journey toward wellness and wholeness. Every two months, we’ll consider an important dimension of our lives and offer practical steps to help us move in the right direction: closer to good health and closer to God.

January + February ● PHYSICAL
  • Adding more movement
  • Making wise food choices 
  • Taking care of our health on a daily basis


March + April ● SPIRITUAL
  • Preparing for Lent and Easter
  • Going deeper with God
  • Learning the power of confession and prayer


May + June ● EMOTIONAL
  • Becoming more honest about our feelings
  • Tending our hearts with loving kindness
  • Creating healthy boundaries

July + August ● SOCIAL
  • Reaching beyond ourselves
  • Seeking new friendships
  • Going out (when we’d rather stay in)


September + October ● INTELLECTUAL
  • Exploring new areas of interest
  • Feeding our minds with good food
  • Flexing our creative muscles


November + December ● VOCATIONAL
  • Looking at our natural and spiritual gifts
  • Listening to what God is calling us to do
  • Using our gifts to serve and glorify God


What to look for in the months ahead


For Your Journey email newsletters and For Your Journey cards with:

  • Key verses from Scripture to write on your heart
  • Encouraging words from your Women’s Ministry Team
  • Recommended reading, online and in print
  • Useful, practical tips for optimal wellbeing


Women’s Wellness Mornings

Six Saturdays in February, April, June, August, October, and December



Our first event is Saturday, February 12!

“This will be healing for your body and strengthening for your bones.” Proverbs 3:8

Women of all ages are invited to gather in the Youth Center for a morning of information and inspiration on physical wellness, as together we discover how to add energizing movement and healthy food choices to our daily routines. Limited to 40. Registration will be online.


It’s going to be a life-changing year, sisters!