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And Easter Came Anyway

Posted by Jennie Weeks on

2020, the year for new vision
A year to come and see more clearly
And then in the blink of an eye,
Vision was clouded by COVID-19,
…and Easter Came Anyway.

40 days felt like 40 years
As Lent stretched out,
With days of solitude and
Distance from those we love,
…and Easter Came Anyway.
Palm Sunday approached
But no need for palm leaves
No waves from children with smiling faces
No crowd shouting Hosanna,
…and Easter Came Anyway.
Maundy Thursday with no bread and juice
Good Friday darker than usual
We waited through Saturday
Hoping for better news,
…and Easter Came Anyway.
So here we are on Eastern morn,
No parking lot greeters for welcoming
Or bulletins for viewing.
Or choirs for singing Alleluia,
…and Easter Came Anyway.

Lilies sitting in green houses
Rather than worship houses
Fancy Easter clothes still in stores
And nowhere to go for Easter brunch,
…and Easter Came Anyway.
Christ came into a world of darkness
And Christ arose to bring us light,
No virus or pandemic measure
Can stop His rising and promise of new life,
…and Easter Came Anyway.


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