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The Examen
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THE EXAMEN 1. RELAX IN GOD'S PRESENCE    Be still and invite God’s grace to help you see with God’s eyes.2. GIVE THANKS    Thank God for the big and small ways God has been good to you today.3. LOOK BACK     Walk slowly through...

Staff Update
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Shelah Woodruff and Rev. Patty Groot share their thoughts on their changing roles at Christ Church. Jennie Weeks and Rev. Brandon Dirks reflect on their time at Christ Church and their excitement that Shelah Woodruff will be Director of Adult Discipleship

COVID-19 Transition Team Update | Criteria
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The COVID-19 Transition Team of laity and staff offers the following update on their work to date: We recognize the tension between protecting the well-being of our people and desiring to gather again for worship, Bible study, fellowship, etc. We also acknowledge that worship must necessarily...