Adult Discipleship

Becoming living proof of God's love, one person at a time, through small groups.

At Christ Church, we believe that faith is best developed in the context of a small group. Jesus knew that becoming an authentic, Living Proof Disciple could not be accomplished in isolation, and his method of teaching and developing mature followers started with his small group of disciples. As we study the Bible, pray together, and share our everyday faith stories with one another, we will develop a deeper love of God and others. Through this transforming experience, we are shaped into the likeness of Christ.

Small Groups

A small group is one of the best places to grow in your faith, live a little more like Jesus and find the love, support and encouragement to become living proof of God's love, one person at a time. A small group is a unique place that strives to help each person feel safe to explore what God is up to in his/her life.

New small groups are launching this fall for EVERYONE. No matter your age or life stage, we have a group for you. Click here to learn more.

Sunday Morning Groups

Most of our Sunday morning groups meet at from 10:05 to 11 am (unless otherwise noted in the description). All of these groups gather weekly, but vary in size, style and focus and age range. All groups are open to guests.

Next Step Classes

In addition to being involved in an ongoing small group, we encourage adults to attend short-term classes that are specifically designed for equipping you with three crucial skills: recognizing, nurturing and articulating God's love. New classes are offered in the fall as well in the winter/spring.

Dig Deeper Seminars

Our “Dig Deeper” Ministry offers seminars are offered a few times a year. Experts in various areas of theology and faith challenge us to delve into topics that impact our lives, our faith, and our world which we cannot adequately address in our Sunday school classes or small groups. These face to face interactions provide us with something we cannot get from simply reading a book or studying a topic on our own.