Adult Winter/Spring 2018 Classes

“What is your next step?” is an important question for faith formation. Our mission at Christ Church is becoming living proof of God’s love, one person at a time. We are on a life-long journey of faith where we are “becoming” Living Proof Disciples. We never finish this journey on earth. There are always new “steps” we need to take to sharpen our skills in becoming more like Christ. Simply click on the class title for details.

Special Notes

If your class uses a book or other study materials, it will be available to you at the first session.

Childcare is regularly available Sunday and Wednesday evenings. Contact. Linda Hess.

Beginning in January

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Bible Study on the Book of Romans

Wednesdays, beginning January 17, 6:30 -7:30 pm     Room 253

The book of Romans is a letter of the Apostle Paul written around 56-57 A.D. 

In this letter Paul explains the fundamentals and foundations of the Christian faith, including such topics as salvation, the sovereignty of God, judgment, spiritual growth, the  righteousness of God, and how to come into right relationship with God.  Some of the most popular and precious memorization passages can be found in this book of the Bible. Join church member, Jerry Napier, and explore what this powerful letter says to us in our own Christian lives.


Disciple Fast Track: New Testament

Wednesdays, January 10 – March 28, 6:30 – 8 pm     Room 251

Disciple Fast Track, an adaptation of the original Disciple Bible Study, was developed specifically for those whose plates are full, yet sense their hearts aren't.  Join Tom Badgett for this 12 week class as we cover the New Testament portion of the Bible.  One’s commitment to this class exemplifies the discipline and intentionality of a growing and committed Christian – one that carves out time for daily Bible study, Bible reflection within a group setting, application of scripture, and a covenant commitment with a small group. You can be assured that this study will not just inform you….it will transform you! 


Christian Practices

Wednesdays, beginning January 10,     6 – 7:30 pm,   Room 258

Like children that need nourishment, love, support, discipline and training in order to develop to their full potential, all of us need this same kind of nurturing to grow in our Christian faith. Have you ever considered practices such as fasting, simplicity, service and celebration as ways to grow closer to God? During this ongoing group, leader Nelson Knight will introduce you to a variety of historic and contemporary spiritual growth practices as well as give you an opportunity to try them out  with others in a safe and supportive environment. 


Which Way Lord?

Mondays, January 22 – February 26, 9:30 – 11:00 am, Room 252

As Christians, we hunger to know and live out God’s purposes for our lives. But how do we know for certain that our choices are moving us in the right direction?   In this study we will explore God’s desire for our lives by unpacking our experiences alongside those of the apostle Paul. Through many detours, adversity, and time spent thinking about his life, Paul completely reoriented his understanding of faith and God’s purpose for his life. We, too, can discern and follow God’s leading, explore ways God can use us and our life experiences, endure hardships and doubts, and persevere with hope and faith. Led by Jennie Weeks.


I'd Like You if You Were More Like Me

Tuesdays, January 16 - February 20, 10 – 11:30 am Room 251

This study, written by John Ortberg, takes on one of life’s most important questions: How can I get closer to God and other people?  We were created for deep connections, but making these connections can be difficult because we haven’t learned out to overcome one big obstacle – the fact that we’re so different. The good news is that connectedness is not based on similarity, but on shared experiences. And when we share those same experiences with God, we get closer to him, too. Join Lin Edwards as we seek a daily way of life that draws us into an intimate relationship with God and each other.


Beginning in February and March

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Listening Prayer During Lent

Sundays, February 11 - March 25, 5-6:30 pm   Prayer Room

Is the majority of your prayer time spent making requests of God or praising and thanking God, with little time spent simply listening for God’s personal message to you?  During each of these Sundays during Advent, we invite you to join Nelson Knight and Tom Badgett in the Prayer Room as we identify barriers that keep us from hearing God, learn ways to overcome these barriers, and practice praying together.


What's Your Story: Seeing Your Life Through God's Eyes

Mondays, March 5 – March 26, 9:30 – 11:00 am, Room 252

Joseph had quite the story, but it didn’t really begin until he saw his story as part of God’s story. His great accomplishments came only after he recognized the significance of what he had done and what God was doing through him. In exploring Joseph’s life (Genesis 37–50), you’ll discover how to see your life through God’s eyes and learn how to co-create a real page-turning story of your own. What’s Your Story? is a four-session, small-group study by Sarah Heath, that features opportunities and space for creative journaling and is complemented by art by the author and a DVD that helps you explore the dimensions of the Joseph story, sparking further reflection and discussion.Led by Jeanette Nunnelley and Jennie Weeks


The Joy Model

Saturday Workshop, January 20 , 9 am - 2 pm Room 158  OR

Sundays, February 4 – March 4, 10:05 – 11 am in Room 388

Have you ever wondered why you are not experiencing the joy and peace that God promises?   An increasing number of adult American Christians are frustrated. Even as they read their Bibles, listen to sermons, and hang out with other Christians, they become painfully aware that something is missing—joy. As a result, many have given up on their faith being a source of joy, and instead seek meaning, purpose, and joy through their Christian service, work, relationships, hobbies, possessions, or even more destructive and hollow substitutes.  During this workshop, Mark Coile, (Director of Lay Ministries at Christ Church) will use Jeff Spadafora’s book  to help participants move from being frustrated believers to becoming joyful followers.


Online Courses

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What it Means to be a United Methodist

Free online, open enrollment course

This online course is designed for new United Methodists and anyone wanting to learn more about what it means to be a United Methodist. The course includes 4 modules that contain many interactive features with each module taking approximately one hour.