Dig Deeper Seminars

“When you search for me, you will find me; if you seek me with all your heart” Jeremiah 29:1

About Dig Deeper Seminars

This ministry is designed to help us dig deeper into our understanding of God, scripture and our relationship with God. By offering seminars and special events led by experts in various areas of theology and faith, we will be challenged to dig deeper into subjects we cannot adequately address through our own individual or small group studies. We will be challenged beyond simply scratching the surface of who we think God is, in order to find hidden treasures that will help us grow so deep that others will see the very reflection of God in us.

Worship and Music: Entering God's Presence with Song

Sunday, August 27

6:30 pm in the Sanctuary
In Psalm 100 we’re told to “Sing to the Lord and worship Him with joy; come before him with happy songs.” Dan Blosser will lead us in exploring our theology and faith in the Wesleyan tradition through the hymns we sing. If you have had the opportunity to hear Dan speak on music and worship, this session will help you dig deeper. Enjoy and evening of music performance and congregational singing while exploring how singing praise to God lifts your soul to heaven. No registration required.