Sunday Morning Groups

Becoming living proof of God's love, one person at a time, through small groups.

We have a large variety of adult groups at Christ Church, beginning from 10:05 to 11 am each Sunday (unless otherwise noted). They strive to build a sense of community for members through study, mission projects, special activities and social events throughout the year. Given the variety of size and format, we encourage you to visit several groups in order to choose which one which best meets your needs. Drop in any time!

List of Sunday Morning Groups by Age

Ages Vary (click Group Name for description)

Bible Study

Room 253 (Ages vary)
This Bible study group focuses on various books of the Bible and what these books teach us about living the Christian life in today's world. Average attendance is 15.

Chapel Discussion Group

11 am in the back of the Chapel

This group meets immediately following the 10:05 am Chapel worship service. The group varies in age and the discussions concentrate on the themes and scripture in the morning sermon. All are welcome. Average attendance is 10 – 12.


Room 159 (Ages vary)
This group is primarily taught by Keith Hedrick and averages 25-30 in attendance. The class focuses on studying a specific book of the Bible each quarter. The class is involved in a variety of service projects. Adults of all ages are invited to attend.


Room 251 (Ages vary)
This small group is open to all who are interested in exploring the Bible and growing in their Christian faith in a relaxed and informal setting. Class members vary in age and the average attendance is around 12. Class discussion is led by class members and guest teachers.

Ignite (meets at 11:15 am)

Room 260 (Ages vary) at 11:15 am
This small group provides a study and fellowship opportunity for those who attend the 10:05 am worship service. Lessons are facilitated by group members.

Micah 6:8

Room 352 (Staff/Volunteer Break Room) (Ages vary)
Topical lessons are led by David Stierle. The group meets for Bible and Social Justice studies. The focus comes from Micah 6:8, What does the Lord require of you but to do justice and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? Average attendance is 10.

Mulligans (meets at 9:30 am)

Room 001 (Ages vary); at 9:30 am
This groups is led by group members and guest speakers to study various books of the Bible as well as topical books. They meet longer than most (9:30 to 10:45 am) to allow plenty of time for group discussion. Average attendance is 20.

The Open Class

Couches in Fellowship Hall, 10:05 am
Non-traditional Sunday school class that is intentionally designed to reach people who haven't yet found a class to plug into. All adults are welcome and invited!

The Well Women's Group

Prayer Room (150B)
This class is for women of all ages. We spend time in prayer, Bible study and discussion.

Age Range Noted (Click Group Name for description)

Abundant Life (Ages 20's to 30's meets at 10:05 am)

Room 260 (Ages 20's to 30's) at 10:05 am
This group is geared toward post-college/early-career age adults. Discussions include Bible study as well as topical discussions of relevant issues in the lives of group members. Average attendance is 20.

Adventurers (Ages 70's to 90's)

Room 156 (Ages 70's to 90's)
This group is taught by a variety of teachers, focusing on Bible study and topical discussion. Members gather for social events at various times throughout the year and are involved in a several mission projects. Average attendance is 30.

Cana (Ages 40's to 60's)

Room 254 (Ages 40's to 60's)
This group is made up of singles and married couples who share in fellowship, study and worship. Study is on a scripture-based theme and is led by various church members. This group enjoys a variety of social activities together as well as class mission projects. Average attendance is 25.

College Class (summer)

This group of college students meets for discussion during the summer months.

Daily Walk (Ages 30's to 50's)

Room 258 (Ages 30's to 50's)

This group is designed to meet the needs of busy families and strives to gain a greater understanding of what it means to be a Christian in this complicated world. Discussions are led by members and guests. Average attendance is 40.

First Things First (Ages 20's to 40's)

Room 014 (Ages 20's to 40's)
This group includes people with and without young children, who come together to grow spiritually through prayer, study, fellowship and service while loving and supporting each other through life's joys and trials. This group often sponsors social gatherings, retreats and service projects. Average attendance is 30.

Friendship (Ages 50's to 70's)

Room 158 (Ages 50's to 70's)
Adults of a broad age range, both married and single, make up this group. Lessons are taught by class members and outside speakers on biblical topics as well as other topics relevant to the class. This group has a strong mission outreach emphasis as well as monthly social events. Average attendance is 50.

Living Proof (Ages 20's to 40's)

Room 011 (Ages 20's to 40's)
Living Proof is a group of young adults and couples who desire to grow in their faith as they deal with life's issues of raising children and balancing home/work schedules. Biblical and topical subjects are covered each week and are led by class members. Average attendance is 20.

Pathfinders (Ages 70's to 90's)

Room 154 (Ages 70's to 90's)
The Pathfinders class originated at Broadway Methodist Church, a predecessor of Christ Church and has continued, uninterrupted to the present. The class includes some home-bound members who remain connected to the class. Sunday class meetings are led by class members, other church members, clergy and guest speakers covering Bible and related topics. Every second month, the class meets for a social. Average attendance is 30.

Pioneers (Ages 50's to 70's)

Room 252 (Ages 50's to 70's)
The Pioneer Class is a closely knit supportive group of couples and singles who join together to learn from God's word, thank God for God's many blessings, and work to serve in God's name. Pioneers are mission-oriented, providing group and individual support to numerous projects. Weekly lessons are taught by a variety of church members and guest speakers. Average attendance is 35.

Seekers (Ages 60's to 80's)

Room 250 (Ages 60's to 80's)
Caring, sharing, and questioning are typical interactions in this class. We seek God’s will for our lives, individually and collectively. Sunday lessons focus on Bible studies, with some related book studies and topical presentations. Social gatherings and outreach efforts happen throughout the year as well as an annual out-of-town spiritual retreat. Average attendance is 50.