The STAND Sermon Series is based on the book of Daniel. The Adult Discipleship Team invites you to read through the first six chapters of Daniel during the series and reflect on a few questions each week.

Watch/listen to the sermons here.

Reading Schedule

Week 1 (April 8): Introduction to Daniel and Chapter 1
Week 2 (April 15): Chapters 2 and 3
Week 3 (April 22): Chapters 4 and 5
Week 4 (April 29): Chapter 6

Week 1 Questions

  • Think about the qualifications of the young men in Chapter 1.  What traits of Daniel’s character or conduct in this chapter impresses you the most?  How can you cultivate those same character or behavior traits in your own life?
  • In the first few verses of Daniel, we see that Judah has been conquered and Daniel and his three friends have been taken captive to Babylon, but they still feel God’s presence.  What are examples in our world of God showing us He is with us even in terrible circumstances? How has God shown His love to you when you have gone through difficult times?
  • Daniel’s attitude and actions stood out.  What can you learn from Daniel about how to respond when your Christian values are challenged?
  • Following their trials, the four young men were used by God.  How has God been able to use you after trials in your life?

Prayer:  Lord, help me trust in you and to grow in your ways.

Week 2 Questions

  • Three aspects of Daniel’s spiritual maturity stand out in chapters 2 and 3: his wisdom in response to a crisis, his prayer in response to a problem and his praise in response to God’s work in his life. Which of these marks of maturity is most well-developed in your life?   Which is weakest?   What specific steps will you take to strengthen your weak areas?
  • Daniel 2: 20-23 has been called “Daniel’s psalm” because of the exaltation of God. What aspects of God’s character are emphasized in these verses?
  • Risking his own safety, Daniel “stands up” by speaking truth and interpreting King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream in Chapter 2:36-45.  What do you feel when you stand up for something you believe in (confidence, fear, power, peace)? What keeps you from taking a stand? 
  • How did Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego show their faith in God to protect them when given a second chance to worship the idol?  What are the idols in our world that tempt us to worship “other gods”?  Why is it important to take a stand for the one, true God no matter how difficult the pressure, threats or consequences?
  • How do you see God’s plan unfolding for Daniel and his friends? How is God providing for them in a hostile environment? What situations have you been in where you had to choose between obeying God and obeying an authority?  What are you willing to risk in order to stand up and obey God? 

Prayer:  God, give me courage and wisdom to stand up for what I believe even when I am feeling pressured to compromise.

Week 3 Questions

  • Is there a “stump” in your life—the reminder of a “tree” of your own efforts that was cut down? What is God trying to teach you through that painful experience? Did you learn the lesson or are you still resisting God?
  • In Daniel 4:37, Nebuchadnezzar comes to his senses and says that God “is able to humble those who walk in pride.”  How can pride keep Christians from serving God and being His witnesses in our world?  How can more humility and less pride in your own life help you serve God?
  • What was the dramatic way that God finally got Belshazzar’s attention?  How has God been trying to get your attention?
  • Daniel 5:27 is a key verse: “TEKEL – you have been weighed on the scales and found deficient.”    If you were to be weighed on God’s scale, what would the results be?  Is there an area where God wants you to grow?
  • How do you want to be remembered by the people who are closest to you? What are you doing each day to cultivate the influence you want to leave behind? 

Prayer: God, thank you for the relationships in my life. Help me to stand strong but be humble. Give me the wisdom to be a positive, God-honoring influence on the people around me. 

Week 4 Questions

  1. In your own life, have you ever experienced God in the midst of a “lion’s den” (of skeptics, critics, persecutors, etc.)? How did being in the “lion’s den” affect your relationship with God?  Did you stand firm in trusting God and feel safe and protected, or abandoned by God?  
  2. Daniel had three choices in response to the king’s decree: (1) stop praying for thirty days, (2) pray secretly or (3) pray as usual. Explain the consequences of each and why you think Daniel made the choice he did.  Which choice would you have made?
  3. How often did Darius use the term “the living God”?  What does it mean in our lives that we serve a “living God”?
  4. Because Daniel stands firm in his faith to God and follows His law, he disobeys an earthly king’s orders, but makes an obvious impression on King Daruis.  Are you making an impression on others with your trust, faith, and continual service to God?  
  5. From reading these 6 chapters in the book of Daniel, what have you learned from Daniel’s experience of loss, betrayal, fear, and condemnation that will help you stand firm in what you believe? 

Prayer: God, forgive me for the times that I have not stood firm. Give me the strength to bear witness and declare your word to others. For you are the Living God and your Word endures forever.