At the beginning of the Confirmation Pilgrimage, Confirmands covenant to prepare themselves to be confirmed as United Methodist Christians and professing members of Christ Church United Methodist. Specifically, they promise to use this time to explore, learn, practice, and reflect on what it means to follow Jesus and be part of the Body of Christ, by fulfilling these expectations:


  • attend evening Confirmation classes to learn about and explore Christian theology, spiritual practices for discipleship, and what it means to be United Methodist. Classes are September 2015- April 2016.
  • attend/participate in the 8th grade Sunday morning study group to learn about the Bible and set personal goals for reading Scripture; learn about the history of The United Methodist Church; learn about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ; and learn spiritual gifts and practicing stewardship.
  • meet with their mentors, at least once a month to build a Christ-centered relationship.
  • participate in the Confirmation retreats to grow closer to God and peers and experience and reflect on what it means to be a disciple and member of the church.


  • worship at least three Sundays a month, and one Sunday each semester with their mentor.
  • attend at least one special service during Lent: Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, or Good Friday.
  • cultivate a daily practice of prayer and devotion to draw closer to God and grow in understanding and living as a disciple of Jesus.


  • love God and others by participating in 16 hours of service offered through Confirmation, Christ Church, or an outreach/ministry that parents/mentors are involved in. (10 hours can be earned through registering for a 2016 youth mission trip; 4 hours can be earned through scouting service projects.)
  • serve with their mentor, at least once each semester.

Each confirmand and his/her parent(s) will have the opportunity to meet with the senior pastor during the spring semester to reflect on the Confirmation experience and ask questions. The decision to be confirmed is a decision that is made prayerfully by the Confirmand, after completing the Confirmation pilgrimage. In the Service of Confirmation, a confirmand professes his/her faith in Jesus Christ and takes vows of covenant membership, becoming a full member of Christ Church United Methodist. If the Confirmand has not been baptized, he/she will be baptized earlier in the service, prior to being confirmed.