Sunday School


This group is taught by a variety of teachers, focusing on Bible study and topical discussion. Members gather for social events at various times throughout the year and are involved in a several mission projects.

Average attendance: 30

Ages: 70's to 90's

Contact: Norma Sledge   

Bible Study

This Bible study group focuses on various books of the Bible and what these books teach us about living the Christian life in today's world.

Average attendance: 15

Ages: vary

Contact:  Linda Underwood   


This group is made up of singles and married couples who share in fellowship, study and worship. Study is on a scripture-based theme and is led by various church members. This group enjoys a variety of social activities together as well as class mission projects.

Average attendance: 25.

Ages: 40's to 60's

Contact: Doug Meyers 


This group is primarily taught by Keith Hedrick and focuses on studying a specific book of the Bible each quarter. The class is involved in a variety of service projects. Adults of all ages are invited to attend.

Average attendance: 25-30

Ages: vary

Contact: Brad Asher   

Daily Walk

This group is designed to meet the needs of busy families and strives to gain a greater understanding of what it means to be a Christian in this complicated world. Discussions are led by members and guests.

Average attendance: 40.

Ages: 30's to 50's

Contact: Turney Berry  


This small group is open to all who are interested in exploring the Bible and growing in their Christian faith in a relaxed and informal setting. Class discussion is led by class members and guest teachers.

Average attendance:12

Ages: vary

Contact: Dorris Morrow  

First Things First

This class primarily includes people with elementary to high school aged children. The group comes together to grow spiritually through prayer, study, fellowship and service while loving and supporting each other through life's joys and trials. This group often sponsors social gatherings, retreats and service projects.

Average attendance: 30

Ages: 30's to 50's

Contact: Jessica Rosenthal:   

                 Mark Rosenthal: 


Adults of a broad age range, both married and single, make up this group. Lessons are taught by class members and outside speakers on biblical topics as well as other topics relevant to the class. This group has a strong mission outreach emphasis as well as monthly social events.

Average attendance: 50

Ages: 50's to 70's

Contact: Jef Conner  


This small group provides a study and fellowship opportunity. Lessons are facilitated by group members.

Ages: vary

Contact: Sarah Aten   


This groups is led by group members and guest speakers to study various books of the Bible as well as topical books. They meet longer than most (9:30 to 10:45 am) to allow plenty of time for group discussion.

Average attendance: 20

Ages: vary

Contact: Bryan Carter   


The Pathfinders class originated at Broadway Methodist Church, a predecessor of Christ Church and has continued, uninterrupted to the present. The class includes some home-bound members who remain connected to the class. Sunday class meetings are led by class members, other church members, clergy and guest speakers covering Bible and related topics. Every other month, the class meets for a social.

Average attendance: 30.

Ages: 70's to 90's

Contact: Pat Todd 


The Pioneer Class is a closely knit supportive group of couples and singles who join together to learn from God's word, thank God for God's many blessings, and work to serve in God's name. Pioneers are mission-oriented, providing group and individual support to numerous projects. Weekly lessons are taught by a variety of church members and guest speakers.

Average attendance: is 35

Ages: 50's to 70's

Contact: Sandy Bock 


Caring, sharing, and questioning are typical interactions in this class. We seek God’s will for our lives, individually and collectively. Sunday lessons focus on Bible studies, with some related book studies and topical presentations. Social gatherings and outreach efforts happen throughout the year as well as an annual out-of-town spiritual retreat.

Average attendance: 50

Ages: 60's to 80's

Contact: Jack Shadle