Start - Up Guide
    02.14.20 | Start- Up Curriculum

    This 8-week "Guide" is meant to provide a simple and reproducible structure and pattern that leads one into the heart of God and back into the world.

      Spiritual Loneliness
      02.14.20 | Start- Up Curriculum

      For many, the Christian life is very busy with activity and commitments. But our lives are not transformed, our souls are not inspired, and we can’t seem to find peace.

        Y-Now Mentor Program
        01.14.20 | Outside the Church Building, Youth | by Tory Portale

        The Y-NOW Mentoring Program is a 10-month program for youth ages 11-15 with a parent who is/was incarcerated. The program aims to teach the youth life skills that they will use to break the cycle of incarceration seen by many of their families by...