Christ Church Art Ministry

Art enhances worship, deepens Biblical learning, establishes connections across generations, enlightens perspectives on social justice issues, inspires us to introspection and new expressions of faith, and opens us to vibrancy and life in our community. 
We offer art ministry to people of all ages and all skill levels.  We hope you will try it and wonder and experience with us!

Community Art Project

Community Art Project: Peace Doves

Completed Doves are needed by May 12

Our next Community A.W.E (Art | Wonder | Experience) Project needs your help! We are folding origami doves to be displayed in the Gathering Hall for Pentecost. These crisp white contributions will remind us that we are all shaped and transformed by the Holy Spirit, and that each of us is uniquely gifted--just as each one of these doves is unique.  

If you're interested, please watch this video and fold a dove to contribute. You'll need a square of white paper to start--6 inches is great! Remember: neither you nor your dove need to be "perfect" to participate in this community project.  

Once completed, please drop your dove in the marked basket at the Reception Desk by this Sunday, May 12. Thank you!

"You Are Beloved" Art Exhibit

“You Are Beloved” Art Exhibit, sponsored by Sacred Worth

The 2024 art exhibit sponsored by Sacred Worth, located in Memorial Hall, April 7-21, 2024 has been a blessing to all who have visited. 

Sacred Worth Art Exhibit 2024 from Bryan Carter on Vimeo.