Join us for classes and studies that will deepen your faith. Sunday School classes meet every Sunday morning at 10:05am. Book studies and Bible classes are available throughout the year both in person and on Zoom. Check here and on eNews for the latest offerings.

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Disciple Bible Study

“Go therefore and make disciples...” Matthew 28:19


Thursdays, January 11 - June 20, 2024 | 11:30 am - 1 pm | Room 260

A much-loved Bible study returns to Christ Church! Beginning January 11, go deep and wide with DISCIPLE, a 24-week study of the entire Bible. You’ll watch, listen, share, and grow in your faith, with 12 weeks in the Old Testament, then 12 weeks in the New Testament. A worthy endeavor for 2024, led by Steve Keene.   

On your own, you’ll read a manageable 3-5 chapters of the Bible each day to prepare for your weekly gathering. A brief, illustrated review video will help you recall important facts and ideas. Then, lively and engaging video presenters offer insights into the current week’s session, prompting meaningful discussions with your group. You’ll also take a spiritual gifts assessment to determine meaningful ways you can serve and live out your discipleship commitment.   

Bring a Bible in your preferred translation. A DISCIPLE Study Manual for the Old Testament will be provided for a $15 donation.

What Christ Church members are saying about DISCIPLE:  

“DISCIPLE impacted my spiritual growth by establishing a daily habit of spending time in God’s Word, which led to connecting my life with scripture. This has strengthened my relationship with Christ and furthered the Holy Spirit's work in my life.” – Will Fishback  

“I am so very thankful I made room for DISCIPLE in my life. The Bible came alive for me in a new and wonderful way. I witnessed and recognized transformation in myself and everyone in the class. I experienced the power of the Holy Spirit, and my prayer life changed forever!” – Shannon McConnell 

Adult Advent Study

“Bethlehem…out of you will come for me one who will be ruler over Israel, whose origins are from of old, from ancient times.” Micah 5:2

This study has been completed. If you missed it, enjoy these videos from Facebook Live.


Booked for Lunch

Meets the Second Thursday of Each Month | 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Leader | Val Champion,

Booked for Lunch is a monthly book club for women of all ages. We believe that stories provide a powerful avenue for thinking deeply about God and faith at work in the world. As we dig into books by bestselling authors, we ask deep questions: Where is God in this story? How do we see love, forgiveness, and grace play out in this text? How does this story affect me, or change my own faith journey as I’m becoming living proof of God’s love, one person at a time? Reading popular books gives us the opportunity to invite others into these conversations about God—whether at our monthly meeting or beyond—and to share the hope, joy and love that we experience while reading in community. We invite you to bring your lunch and join us on the 2nd Thursday each month.

See Reading List

Christian Practices

Meets every Wednesday | 6:00-7:15 PM | Room 260 

Combining the study aspect of a class and the fellowship of a small group, Christian Practices, led by John Derr, provides love, hope, spiritual guidance, and encouragement for those who are struggling or searching for answers. In addition to the Bible, this group considers the wisdom found in Richard Foster’s books, Celebration of DisciplineCelebrating the Disciplines: A Journal Workbook, and Spiritual Classics. For more information, contact John Derr: 


All Things New

Finally, a Sunday morning class just for parents of littles! Led by couples from First Things First (a class filled with parents of who’ve been right where you are), All Things New will offer relational, spiritual, and practical encouragement for moms and dads with children from newborn through age five

Join your peers in Room 002 for coffee and conversation, for the joy of laughing together and praying together, for the chance to let go of parenting guilt and celebrate the good stuff. We promise, these are your people.  

Room: 002

Contact: Shelah Woodruff

Bible Study

This Bible study group focuses on various books of the Bible and what these books teach us about living the Christian life in today's world. Recent studies include Hebrews, 1 and 2 Samuel, Revelation.

Room: 253

Contact:  Linda Underwood   


This group is made up of singles and married couples who share in fellowship, study and worship. Study is on a scripture-based theme and is led by various church members. This group enjoys a variety of social activities together as well as class mission projects.

Room: 254

Contacts: Mark Vanderwerp, Gene Price and Walt Kunau

Chapel Discussion Group

This group meets after the 9:00 worship service to discuss the themes and scripture from the day’s sermon.

Room: Chapel

Contact: John Stover


This class studies a specific book of the Bible each quarter and is involved in a variety of service projects. Adults of all ages are invited to attend.

Room: Zoom** or 252
                **Contact Brad Asher for Zoom link.

Contact: Brad Asher    

Daily Walk

This group strives to gain a greater understanding of what it means to be a Christian in this complicated world. Each week the class selects a scripture passage from the sermon series or prompted by events in life to read and discuss.

Room: Meeting on Zoom. Contact Turney Berry for Zoom link.

Contact: Turney Berry  


This group is open to all who are interested in growing in their Christian faith in a relaxed and informal environment. We typically use the Bible and books and companion videos by authors such as Adam Hamilton and Max Lucado as the basis for discussion. Topics we’ve explored include the Beatitudes, Psalms, Gospel of John, the Apostle’s Creed, and more. We’ve read Adam Hamilton’s books Unafraid, When Christians Get It Wrong, Making Sense of the Bible, and Christianity’s Family Tree. Visit us any time!  

Room: 251 

Contact: Dorris Morrow  

First Things First

This class primarily includes people with elementary to high school aged children. The group comes together to grow spiritually through prayer, study, fellowship and service while loving and supporting each other through life's joys and trials. This group often sponsors social gatherings, retreats and service projects. The class will begin studying The Walk by Adam Hamilton in September.

Room :014 (lower level on the east side of the building)

Contact: Jessica Rosenthal:   

                 Mark Rosenthal: 


The Friendship Class was formed in the early `70s by six couples. Today we’ve grown to over 150 individuals. But don’t let our size intimidate you! We like to think we’ve grown so well because we offer a unique blend of individuals who have grown together in a special way through Christ.

So, who are we? We’re mostly couples who have cleared out our nests. Many are grandparents, some even great-grandparents. Some of us are single. But all of us are family! Our age range (not that that matters) is roughly 65 to 85.

We hope you will take the opportunity to visit The Friendship Class. Come and experience that special togetherness in Christ. We meet every Sunday with fellowship beginning at 10:05 AM in room 158 for in-person participation and on Zoom for virtual participation. Average attendance is 85 counting both in-person and Zoom.

Lessons are taught by class members and outside speakers on biblical topics as well as other topics relevant to the class. This group has a strong mission outreach emphasis as well as monthly social events.

Grouping Leader(s): Bill Stinnett, John Wieland, Rob Stockwell, Glenda Thacker

Room: 158

Contact: Bill Stinnett at  


This class is led by group members and guest speakers to study various books of the Bible as well as topical books. They meet longer than most (9:30 to 10:45 am) to allow plenty of time for group discussion. Upcoming studies include The Gospel for the Person Who Has Everything, Prayer in different traditions, When “Spiritual, But Not Religious” Is Not Enough, the book of Timothy, the life of John Wesley. 

Room: Zoom** or 001 (lower level on the east side of the building).
                **Contact Bryan Carter for Zoom link.

Contact: Bryan Carter   


The Pathfinders class originated at Broadway Methodist Church, a predecessor of Christ Church, and has continued uninterrupted to the present. Today, the Pathfinders class is for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of God’s Word through detailed study of the Bible, both Old and New Testaments. Our presentations are led by class and church members, as well as other guest speakers. We welcome people of all ages and stages of life and biblical knowledge. Join us on Sunday mornings for study and fellowship.

Contact: Pat Todd 


The Pioneer Class is a closely knit supportive group of couples and singles seeking to study God and follow his teachings. Our big outreach is Red Bird Mission in eastern Kentucky, whose food pantry we stock with hearty, healthy foods so all can eat throughout the year. We welcome all to our class.

Room: 156 

Contact: Sandy Bock 


The Seekers Class is composed of a caring and fun-loving group of individuals, who enjoy getting together whether it be for bible study or enjoying a group dinner. We pray for each other regularly whenever someone is facing medical issues or difficulties with family members. On Sunday mornings we have presentations from gifted speakers on a wide variety of topics over the course of a year. Each year a number of projects or activities are undertaken in support of local charities or schools.  

The class warmly welcomes new members whether new to the Church or Sunday morning class.

Room: 250 

Contact: Jack Shadle   


If you're a woman who attends church on your own—whether you are single, never married, widowed, divorced, or the man in your life doesn’t attend church with you—consider SOLO your safe place to land. 

Room: 260

Contact: Janet Yackey 

Faith Formation Staff

Mike Porter

Director of Men’s Ministry and Discipleship/Interim Youth Ministry Leader

office: 502-897-9290

Bobby Patton

Director of Youth Ministries

office: (502) 882-9967

Linda Hess

Childcare Ministry Director: Infant and Childcare

office: 502-893-2201 x241

Max Childers

Children's Ministry Director: Early Childhood and Holy Listening

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