Booked For Lunch Reading List

Meets the Second Thursday of Each Month | 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Leader | Val Champion,

We invite you to bring your lunch and join us!

December 14 | The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson and Richard DiLallo 

Family is important to Gaby Summerhill, and since her husband’s death three years before, her family hasn’t spent Christmas together. Step into her world and see how she gets her wayward family to come home for the holidays. This book is a fresh look at family and the magic of the season. 

January 11 | Someone Else's Shoes by Jojo Moyes

A story of mix-ups, mess-ups and making the most of second chances. Who are you when you are forced to walk in someone else’s shoes? Full of Jojo Moyes’ signature humor, brilliant storytelling, and warmth, Someone Else’s Shoes is a novel about how just one little thing can suddenly change everything.

February 8 | Every Day is a Gift: A Memoir by Tammy Duckworth

At the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Tammy Duckworth joined the Army, and served eight months in Iraq before an insurgent's RPG shot down her helicopter, an attack that took her legs—and nearly took her life. From childhood to motherhood to serving in the Senate and beyond, Every Day Is a Gift is the remarkable story of one of America's most dedicated public servants.

March 14 | Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano

Will the loyalty that once rooted this family be strong enough to draw them back together when it matters most? An exquisite homage to Louisa May Alcott’s timeless classic, Little Women, Hello Beautiful is a profoundly moving portrait of what is possible when we choose to love someone not in spite of who they are, but because of it.

April 11 | The Sweet Taste of Muscadines by Pamela Terry

A woman returns to her small southern hometown in the wake of her mother’s sudden death—only to find the past upended by stunning family secrets—in this intimate debut novel, written with deep compassion and sharp wit. The Sweet Taste of Muscadines reminds us all that true love never dies.

May 9 | The Women of Chateau Lafayette by Stephanie Dray

An epic saga based on the true story of an extraordinary castle in the heart of France and the remarkable women bound by its legacy. Intricately woven and powerfully told, The Women of Chateau Lafayette is a sweeping novel about duty and hope, love and courage, and the strength we take from those who came before us.

June 13: A Fall of Marigolds by Susan Meissner

A beautiful scarf connects two women touched by tragedy in this compelling, emotional novel, set on Ellis Island in September 1911 and in Manhattan's Upper West Side in September 2011. Touching and inspirational, A Fall of Marigolds explores the stories of both women and the ways they intertwine.