Tagging Instructions


In our computerized system, consignors will first agree to the seller agreement prior to registering and will then need to inventory all of their items. Once you login with your consignor number and password, you will have a menu option to choose to work with your consigned items. You will then enter item category, size, description (good place to mention brand names) and price (please use $1 increments). A good rule of thumb for pricing items is 25-30% of retail. Also, you will need to check the box if you would like the item to be discounted at the half price sale on Saturday and check the box if you would like the item to be donated should it not sell.

You will be able to start and stop entering your inventory as often as you would like. Access to inventory input will be shut down for the Spring 2019 sale at midnight on Wednesday March 20.

We HIGHLY recommend that consignors use light colored card stock for tag/bar code printing. This will reduce the number of lost tags and make it easier for the scanners to read all bar codes. When printing your tags from your home computer, please use BLACK ink. Six tags will fit on a piece of 8 1/2 X 11 card stock. Once your tags are printed, place the tag on the LEFT, shoulder/side of the item (if you were to wear the item, the tag would be on your left shoulder) and attach it with a SAFETY PIN.

Drop Off Instructions

When you bring your items to the church for drop-off, please have all the clothing items pre-sorted into gender and size. Bring at least one container/bin/box with your name and consignor number on it if you are going to pick up items at the end of the sale. If you are bringing many items to the sale, please anticipate the number of boxes/bins that will be needed at the end of the sale.

Please plan on spending at least 30 minutes to drop off as the committee is going to be checking all items that are dropped off. We will be checking for items that are not able to be accepted as well as stained or smoky clothing, items with holes, or out of season clothing/items.