One Voice Choir 2017

One Voice Choir 2017


(Frequently Asked Questions)

How much does Tour cost?

$250 for current members

$100 for alumni

Is One Voice Tour just for One Voice choir members?

No! One Voice Tour is open to EVERYONE! The participants on the Tour will be serving on mission in a number of ways. No music experience is necessary to go on the trip. We'd love to have you.

I want to go on tour, but I have a scheduling conflict. Can I still go?

We would love to have you on tour. Contact Amy Roberts or Ben Williams to talk through the conflict and see what we can work out.

Can I bring my phone, tablet, and PS4?

We ask all participants to be fully present while on Tour. Plus, you will be working and serving hard all week! You may bring small electronic devices to stay connected to family and friends during down time, but please leave larger devices at home.

What should I bring on Tour?

Check out this packing list!

Do not bring:

  • snacks that contain nuts
  • tobacco, drugs, or alcohol
  • clothing that would be considered inappropriate to wear in public
  • t-shirts with offensive or disparaging language
  • knives, guns, or weapons of any kind

Can I bring my own food?

Yes...if you have certain dietary needs, please let us know as soon as possible so we can make accommodations.

You are welcome to bring snack along with you. Please note this trip is PEANUT FREE. Do not bring or purchase any snacks with peanuts for the duration of the trip. Thank you!

Should I bring my own money?

Yes! You will be responsible for a few fast food meals while we travel. You are also welcome to purchase snacks (peanut free) or suveniers during the trip. ANd $5-$10 dollars for our bus driver gratuity.

Can family members or friends attend our concerts on tour?

Absolutely! It’s always fun to see familiar faces. An up-to-date itinerary will be given out before the trip, with concert times and locations that you can share with friends or famliy in the Nashville and Asheville areas.

High School Handbell Ringers

High School Handbell Ringers