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There are many exciting opportunities to serve at Christ Church. Please select the items below or use the 'search' option to see how God is calling you to help. 

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Sound Team

Run audio equipment for all worship services and special events in the Sanctuary, Chapel and Fellowship Hall (when requested). Provide CD recording.

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Spiritual Loneliness

For many, the Christian life is very busy with activity and commitments. But our lives are not transformed, our souls are not inspired, and we can’t seem to find peace.

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St. Matthews Area Ministries

Uniting churches, other non-profits and businesses to meet emergency needs, to stabilize families in transitional situations, and to provide a nurturing and healthy environment for children and youth.

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Start - Up Guide

This 8-week "Guide" is meant to provide a simple and reproducible structure and pattern that leads one into the heart of God and back into the world.

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The Healing Place

Reaching men and women suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, providing them with the tools for recovery and to restore productive lives.

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