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40 Ways to Serve the World

The Discipleship Gospel Workbook 

40 Ways to Serve the World 

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Hi, Ben Sobels here. As followers of Jesus, we have embraced the call to serve, but it’s challenging to find practical ways to do this. That’s why I’ve compiled this list for you. I had originally made a similar list for my church, Cypress Community Church, and when Bill Hull and I published The Discipleship Gospel Workbook, we realized that it would help those working through Chapter 5 of the Workbook as they completed “The Other Side” project. The following list is ideally for those regularly worshiping as a member of a local church and actively participating in a small group or discipleship group. If that’s you, it’s time to start serving others, particularly in relationship with and in connection to a discipleship group of three or four. May this resource help you lead a ministry that spreads the gospel and serves “the least of these” as the Lord leads you!

Level 1 – Mild, On the Church Campus

• Help with your church’s hospitality ministry on Sundays

• Supply food for a local food pantry

• Disciple children in a mid-week ministry at your church

• Volunteer to serve at VBS (Vacation Bible School)

• Disciple children on Sundays at church

• Disciple Junior High Students

• Disciple High School Students

• Disciple College Students

• Help with building maintenance or yard work on your church’s campus

• Serve as an usher or greeter in the worship service

• Pack “Homeless Blessing Bags” on campus then keep them in your car 

Level 2 – Moderate, Off the Church Campus

• Serve at a local homeless shelter

• Help children learn to read at a local afterschool program

• Feed in-need families through a ministry like Meals On Wheels

• Serve at a local Salvation Army ministry

• Read the Bible or sing songs of praise to the elderly in a nursing home

• Hold babies who are long-term patients at a local hospital

• Volunteer at a local compassion pregnancy center

• Serve practical needs at a nearby Adult Day Care center

• Have lunch with international students at a nearby university

• Help with ongoing local outreach events in the community

Level 3 – Intense, Off the Church Campus

• Become a court-appointed advocate for foster children

• Serve the homeless through natural relationships

• Lead a Child Evangelism Fellowship good news club at a public school (

• Serve the sick at a local hospital

• Help at the local women’s safe house for victims of abuse (women only)

• Host international students in your home

• Go on a short-term mission trip to unreached peoples

• Serve and preach at a local men’s homeless shelter (men only)

• Serve and preach at a local women’s homeless shelter (women only)

Level 4 – Extreme, Off the Church Campus

• Become a foster parent

• Adopt a child into your family

• Disciple inmates at a local jail

• Disciple youth at a nearby juvenile detention center

• Evangelize the lost in the streets

• Disciple homeless people into transitional housing

• Be a long-term missionary to unreached peoples

• Be trained as a pastor

• Plant a church

• Serve on a church planting team