The Promise

Pastor Eric delivers the second message in our "Generation to Generation" series.

Pastor Eric delivers the first message in our "Generation to Generation" series.

Don't Miss Dinner

Pastor Eric delivers the 19th Sunday after Pentecost message.

Pastor Eric delivers the World Communion Sunday message.

Angels Ahead of Us

Rev. Hadley examines how the Israelites faced their fears.

Pastor Eric delivers the last message in our sermon series, "What Does the Lord Require of You."

In Humility

Rev. Maynard delivers a sermon about the importance of humility.

Lord in Your Mercy

Rev. Chapman delivers a sermon of hope.

Pastor Eric delivers the first message in the series, "What Does the Lord Ask of You?"

The Lord Bless You

Pastor Eric delivers a message encouraging us to hold one another in God's love and grace

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Current Series

The Faith We Sing

The Week that Changed the World

The week that changed the world is the last week of Jesus’ life on earth, a week that began with shouts of, “Hosanna!” and ended with shouts of, “Crucify him!”

Jonah: The Upside of Down

Jonah was the prophet who when God said, “Go,” Jonah told God, “No!” We all have a calling upon our lives to be the people of God where we are; yet it is challenging! We will examine what answering that call means in the midst of a pandemic, when there is violence and chaos in our world?