Everyday Faith

Pastor Eric asks us to consider how our words affect others.

Choosing Grace Over Judgement

Pastor Eric delivers a powerful message using the The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector as an illustration.

Finding Peace in a Polarized World

Pastor Eric delivers a message about living in trying times.

Last Picked

Pastor Eric delivers a message of hope and purpose.


Pastor Eric delivers the first message in our series, "Everyday Faith," encouraging to live out our faith beyond the walls of the church building.

Yes to Best

Pastor Eric delivers a message asking us how we are saying "yes" to God.

Omega Window

Pastor Eric delivers a message encouraging to allow God in to the open doors.

Remember Who You Are

Pastor Eric recounts Jesus washing his disciples' feet and encourages us to follow up, support others and remember who we are.

Sacred Space

Pastor Eric delivers a message of hope assuring us that God is supporting us.

The Good Shepherd

Liz Curtis Higgs delivers a message of inclusivity.

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Current Series

Angels Ahead of Us

The Great Invitation

In this sermon series, we look at the Great Invitation from Jesus and explore our own responsibilities in the church. 

The Great Commandment

During the month of July, Interim Pastor Rev. Becki Curry explores what it means to fulfill The Great Commandment and love God with all of our hearts.  


God is unstoppable! In this sermon series, we examine the many ways God's love for us knows no bounds. 

Spring 2019

Sermons shared at Christ Church from April 28 through May 26, 2019.

Wrong Way to be Right

Good deeds done with the wrong heart attitude doesn't make us living proof of God's love. This sermon series has us examining our hearts and attitudes.