Sanctifying Grace

Pastor Eric delivers a message of grace.

Coming Home

Pastor Eric talks about the longing to go "home;" is that to a place, a person, a calling? Where are you in the house of God?

Looking Out

Today we study the Parable of the Prodigal Son and Pastor Eric asks us to consider it "The Parable of the Loving Father."

A Prescription in a Pandemic, Part 2

Rev. Cogman delivers a message of hope as he encourages us to listen, understand and act on the word of God.


Pastor Eric delivers the final message in the "Lamp Unto My Feet" series. Today we reflect on the Sabbath.


Who will cast the first stone? Rev. Cogman examines this powerful passage of the Bible.


Pastor Eric delivers the second message in the "Lamp Unto my Feet" series.

Living Core

Pastor Eric delivers the first message in our new series, "Lamp Unto My Feet."

Look Up

Pastor Eric delivers the Epiphany Sunday message

This Baby

Pastor Eric delivers the Christmas Eve message.

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Angels Ahead of Us