Jesus is... Grace and Love

Rev. Brandon Dirks discusses how Jesus wants us to give grace and love to everyone, even those who we think are undeserving.

The Way

Rev. Rebecca Curry uses Matthew 5:13-20 to preach on "The Way."

Behold the Wisdom of God

Rev. Jacob Cogman asks us to 'Behold the Wisdom of God.'

Behold the Face of God

Rev. Becki Curry asks us to Behold the Face of God and remember what Jesus taught us.

Behold the Lamb of God

Rev. Becki Curry invites us to 'Come and See' the Lamb of God.

Remember Who You Are 2020

Rev. Becki Curry calls us to remember our baptisms.

The Bethlehem Star

Rev. Brandon Dirks compares the Church to the Bethlehem Star.

Run and Tell That

Reverend Jacob Cogman delivers the message the First Sunday after Christmas

2019 Christmas Eve Sermon

On Christmas Eve, Rev. Jacob Cogman shares the story of the birth of Jesus.

The Way to Peace

Rev. Becki Curry explains how we can find the 'Way to Peace.'


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