Veiled in Flesh

Pastor Eric delivers a message about waiting.

A One and Only Love

Rev. Bryant reminds us to look around and not miss the important things in life.

Do You Know Him?

Pastor Eric asks us if we know Jesus and encourages us to introduce Jesus to those around us.

Building Hope

Pastor Eric examines how unsettling things can settle us in our faith.

The Great Thanksgiving

Rev. Maynard delivers a sermon encouraging peace, thankfulness and forgiveness.

A Better Homeland

Rev. Melissa Head delivers the All Saints' Day message focusing on faith.

Count Me In!! Committment Sunday

Pastor Eric deliver the Committment Sunday message.

Hearts and Treasures

Rev. Leanne Hadley delivers a message about sharing our treasures.


Pastor Eric begins a new sermon series. Today he asks us what we don't have enough of in our lives.

Everyday Faith - Torch Bearer

Pastor Eric concludes our Everyday Faith series encouraging us to share our faith.

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