When we are at our lowest, God is always caring and with us. Pastor Eric delivers this message of hope and strength.

A Mother's Influence

Pastor Eric delivers a Mother's Day message.


Pastor Eric delivers a message encouraging us to strengthen our foundation of faith.

Get a (Kingdom) Life

Guest preacher, Rev. Dr. Reggie McNeal, gives an inspiring message.


Pastor Eric begins a new sermon series, "Recovery of Hope"

Marks Matter

Rev. Jacob Cogman delivers a powerful message of faith and doubt as we hear the story of the resurrected Jesus’ first appearance to his disciples.

Recovery of Hope

Pastor Eric delivers the Easter message of hope and God's promise.

Fan or Follower?

Pastor Eric discusses the differences between simply being a fan of Jesus and following Jesus.

A Moment When

We continue our Lenten journey. In this message, we find Jesus, still in the garden at Gethsemane, with officials coming to arrest him under the cover of darkness. Jesus says, “This is your moment, when the power of darkness reigns.”

Stay Awake

Rev. Leanne Hadley talks about the importance of prayer and listening to God's voice in our times of exhaustion.

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