Pastor Eric delivers the Easter message.

Reconciled, Week Six - Lent

Pastor Eric delivers the final message in our Lenten series.

Reconciled, Week Five - Lent

Pastor Eric continues our series, "Reconciled."

Reconciled, Week Four - Lent

Pastor Eric asks the question, "How do we live as followers of Christ" in the continuation of our Reconciled sermon series.

Reconciled, Week Three Lent

Pastor Eric continues our sermon series on reconciliation and relationships.

Reconciled, Week Two - Lent

Pastor Eric continues his sermon series on Joseph.

Reconciled, Week One - Lent

Pastor Eric delivers the first message in our Lent sermon series, "Reconciled."

Becoming Free - Week Six

Pastor Eric delivers a message about the prisons in our lives.

Becoming Free - Week Five

Pastor Eric delivers a message about our faith race in life.

Becoming Free, Week Four

Pastor Eric delivers the fourth message in our series, "Becoming Free." He encourages to shine on others as do stars.

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Current Series

Called To

Holy Week 2020

Join us this Holy Week, as we honor physical distancing and worship in a different way.

Come and See

The theme for 2020 is, Come and See. We will dive into John 1:35-39 and see what Jesus wants us to discover this year. 

The Light Has Come

We explore the scripture and learn about the early days of our Savior. 

The Light is Near

During Advent season, we will celebrate the birth of Jesus with the sermon series, “The Light is Near.” 

Living Proof

We share stories from our congregation that shows how are we becoming living proof of God's love. 

Why Church?

Today, the church exists in many forms around the world, transcending language, race, and culture. Is the church relevant today? What separates the church from other organizations? How can we be the church?

The Great Invitation

In this sermon series, we look at the Great Invitation from Jesus and explore our own responsibilities in the church. 

The Great Commandment

During the month of July, Interim Pastor Rev. Becki Curry explores what it means to fulfill The Great Commandment and love God with all of our hearts.  


God is unstoppable! In this sermon series, we examine the many ways God's love for us knows no bounds. 

Spring 2019

Sermons shared at Christ Church from April 28 through May 26, 2019.