Are You Ready?

Pastor Eric continues our series, "Jonah: The Upside of Down" and asks us if we are ready to hear, act and believe.

Giving Thanks

Pastor Eric encourages us to practice gratitude, even in our struggles, and to watch that gratitude turn to joy.

You Can Run...

Pastor Eric discusses God's call, our tendency to run from that call and how we can stay focused with God's help.

The Place of Miracles

Rev. Dr. Hadley delivers the message on Baptism of our Lord Sunday.

Overwhelmed With Joy

Pastor Eric gives the Epiphany message, focusing on joy and hope.

What Are You Waiting For?

Rev. Patty Groot delivers the message the First Sunday After Christmas reminding us to look for God.

Grains of Truth

Pastor Eric delivers the message for the final Sunday of Advent.

Joy in the Light

Pastor Eric tells the story of Mary visiting Elizabeth.

Prisoner of Hope

Pastor Eric delivers a message of hope during these difficult days.

For What Are You Waiting?

Pastor Eric begins our Advent Series with a message of hope.

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